October 26, 2009

Halloween On A Budget

Being on a maternity budget has been and is very stressful but has also made me more imaginative, creative, inventive, resourceful, thrifty and just plain cheap!                                
Halloween seems to be more exciting and fun the more children we have. I am lucky to have had  all winter boys so the costumes can be passed on.  It hasn't been easy this year however to convince my 3 year old  he should be a monkey.                                                                                               
My 5 year old Alex wanted to be Mario last year. I searched everywhere and could not find a Mario costume. I bought a plain red cap, white winter gloves, and a set of adhesive mustaches at the dollar store. I spend just over 3 dollars. Alex and I cut out the "M" logo together out of scrap fabric and I hot glued it on the hat. To make sure everyone knew he was Mario, I down loaded the "Super Mario Bros"  music onto my ipod, attached it to mini speakers and put it in a small backpack (which came in handy to carry all that candy). The costume cost me under $4 and Alex was proud because he helped to make it and knew he would have a one of a kind costume.

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