November 6, 2009

Christmas Survival Guide

Even though I LOVE Christmas, I'm in Christmas denial every year up until a week or two into December.
Every year Christmas gets more and more stressful for me and every year I promise myself next year will be different.
Here I go again!
My Christmas Oath .....

1.   I will not wait till the week of Christmas to START filling out Christmas cards.
2.  I will not wait till it's so close to Christmas that I'm fighting a parent  for the LAST toy at the store my kid wants.
3.  I will get the kids to write a letter to Santa early enough to get a response BEFORE Christmas.
4. I will get the kids Christmas photo done BEFORE Christmas so I can use them for the Christmas card.
5. I will not wait till the week of Christmas to START decorating the house.
6. I will buy extra batteries BEFORE Christmas so I'm not taking out batteries out of remotes for toys
7. I will HIDE some sweets and treats from my boys so I actually have something when I have visitors
8. I will not gain 10lb this holiday season
9. I will write a  thoughtful list of what to buy early so I don't end up getting EVERYONE gift card on Christmas eve
10. I will not wrap ANY gifts on Christmas Eve

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love it!!
I STILL am making similar lists and promises to myself that NEXT Christmas I'll start early, be organized and have time to bake cookies.
My kids are raised and I have 4 little grandkids, and I still can't do it.
Hey, I know!! Let the men get ready for the Holidays. Let them do all the planning,shopping, the cleaning, the decorating, the Christmas cards, the baking and Christmas dinner.
The women can all go out on Christmas Eve and buy one gift for their husband.
I like your blog. Time flies by, enjoy your little ones. I raised three girls, now have 4 young grand babies. I still feel like the same hot babe, only now it's hot flashes.


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