November 24, 2009

A Stay At Home Mama {no more}

I'm officially a working mommy! Well part time working anyways. (I think it's time to  change the ABOUT ME  section of my blog.... I'm no longer a SAHM  *tear*)

Before I went back to work  I thought I  had no time (or sleep) for anything ...... what am I going to do now?! The decision to go back was definitely a financial one but it sure does come with a heavy load of emotions and plenty of changes. New routines and schedules.... this kind of scares me it took a very long time to establish those in the first place.... maybe because my love of spontaneity.... but the kids definitely loved those moments.  The emotional issues are tough. My husband and I strongly believe that our boys belong at home with us and not at some daycare all day long. We didn't  have children so they can be raised by strangers. They should be with us and their brothers, they will spend many years of long hours apart once they all go to school. This decision  comes with a price ..... working opposite shifts! However we will have one day together. I'm sure we'll treasure and appreciate that day a lot. The emotions aren't easy at work either ...... I'll think about the baby constantly ..... even though I know he'll be fine with his daddy just like the other two but I'm just not use to being away from him yet. It wasn't easy being on a tight mat pay, it took some real budgeting, and plenty of coupons but I'm thankful I had that time at home with my boys. Although it will be nice for me to be around adults for a change .... fingers still crossed for the lotto so I can be a SAHM of at least 5!

Cheers to many more of my lists ..... that my husband so loves ;)


Baby Food Grinder said...

Sounds like a pretty tough situation - good luck with everything, especially the lotto!

- Stewart

Michelle said...

Wow - working mummy! Hope you find your groove in your new routine. Will you still find the time to blog? Best wishes.

Joanna Botelho said...

Thanks Stewart & Michelle! I will do my best to find time to blog. xoxo


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