December 7, 2009

Lovable Labels


The busier our life gets the more things we lose. I've been planning on labeling the boys things but just never got around doing it. Lovable labels made it so easy! I wasn't sure whose name to use as the boys share most of their things and clothing and shoes get passed on and re-labelling seems like a pain. I used our last name and everything got labeled. Alex's school and lunch bag got metal tags. His lunch containers and sippy cup got cute dishwasher and microwave safe labels. (I tested them in the dishwasher and microwave and the labels were as good as new).
Coffee mugs and lunch containers for my husband and I got labeled now nothing should get lost at work either. I just thought of labeling my baked goodies containers....with bake sales and Christmas parties I've lost many great storage containers. The labels are fabulous on clothing and since it's winter weather that means gloves, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, boots, snowpants, snow suits, jackets and/or parkas. All that means kids lose plenty. The clothing DOTS easily stick to clothing and are machine washable (I also had a hard time believing so I had to test it....and once again the promise was kept). I've also labelled my sons stay at school shoes with the fun shoe labels that have a protective layer so I'm sure they'll stay put too. I also got a hold of my husband hockey equipment .... as I know that stuff can get expensive fast if lost. Not only are Lovable Labels practical and fun... as I was looking through my sons school newsletter yesterday I noticed an ad from Lovable Labels and learned that this wonderful company works to help raise funds for schools just like my sons. You can contact Lovable Labels to find out how to raise funds for your school. Just for the holidays they have added great holiday packages that you can WIN!!!

Check out my LOVABLE LABELS GIVEAWAY blog on how you can WIN your own personalized labels.


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Josie R. said...

LOVE LOVE Loveable Labels myself! Great post!


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