January 18, 2010

Germ take over

As I sipped my wine and immersed my body deeper into the hot water filled tub, I finally felt peace, comfort and relaxation. I was proud. I have gotten through the longest and smelliest week of my life.  I felt challenged this week and although I felt so many moments  wanting to give up, I couldn't. I knew there was nobody else that was going to do it, I had to. I had to take care and  comfort all three of my children while all of us where sick with the stomach flu. The worst was watching them suffer. It broke my heart to feel so helpless. My husband and I had the worse symptoms for about 48hrs but still took a good week to get back to normal. Alexanders worst symptoms lasted for about 72 hrs but Jack and Eric were sick for a week. I often worried about them getting dehydrated. Jack at least drank the electrolytes but Eric was impossible to convince.  I easily did 30 loads of laundry. Everything and everybody got puked on including the babies car seat and the van.  Once everyone got to normal the real cleaning began. The carpets were shampooed, walls were scrubbed, mattresses were cleaned, 2 bottles of Lysol were used. Thank God it's over and I hope none of you get it. The only good things that came of of this is I lost a few pounds (and made up for rather quickly) and I did get a head start on spring cleaning.


Joan Craven said...

My goodness - I remember those days. One time I was so ill I was in bed and my 18th month old was in the bedroom. I thought I had baby proofed it and when I looked up she had been quietly unscrewing the handles from my dresser. I didn't know how she did it and at that point didn't care! Take care and I hope you are through flu season for this year!

Mindy said...

That is horrible! So glad to hear you guys are on the mend.

Sarah said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Right now my baby has the stomach flu and I am hoping it doesn't spread. I am luck and got away with 4 loads (so far) of laundry.


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