February 11, 2010

Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

Last week we surprised Eric for his 4th birthday with a  mini winter family getaway to his favorite place.......Great Wolf Lodge.
"Say Cheese" means smile boys!

Family photo in the lobby

someone's not happy
Eric tried to kiss Jack, so Jack bit him.
Mommy and baby Jack

Family game night

Watching Disney's "Up"


Alex is such a good big brother

Making friends

Jack's ready to hit the pool

Story time!

Quiet play time

                                          Mommy testing out our new Snow Stroller
Daddy, didn't you read the sign?


Helen233 said...

Thank you for following my blog, I am also happily following YOU!@!


Michelle said...

great pics! something just doens't look right with all those cold pics and a swimming pic!

Joanna Botelho said...

I know. It felt weird being at a water park while it snowed outside :o)

Rock Mom said...

You boys are Gorgeous! WELL DONE!!!

We don't get snow here in Cape Town... I'm so jealous! :D

Rock Mom said...

P.S...Im mommaliciousmom from Twitter :D

Mama to 3 boys said...


I just wanted to let you know that I chose you for the Beautiful Blog Award. :)

Texasholly said...

We love Great Wolf and are going next week...can't wait.

Loved your pics.


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