April 27, 2010

Musical Beds...

I was hoping by the time Eric turned 4, bed time would be easier.....was I wrong. The older he gets the more excuses I get why he's out of bed for the hundredth time a night. I get everything from not being tired to  pain to thirst to shadows to how uncomfortable he is. My husband and I are very close to losing our minds every night. I've even considered calling Nanny 911. 
After an hour or two of excuses, Eric finally falls asleep.

I usually fall asleep with my husband beside me....but I never know who I'll wake up with.  Every night one or both of the boys will come to our bed.  George and I  wake up several times a night to bring them back to their  beds and usually one of us will give up and end up on the couch. It wouldn't be so bad if my boys weren't such active sleepers. They toss and turn.  Very often I wake up with feet in my face. I have been elbowed and pushed out of my own bed. I've even woke up in bruises and most resently with a black eye!

When are they going to sleep in their beds ALL night? It better be before baby Jack learns to get out of his crib and climb into our bed too.  Almost seems like the only solution would be to put a couple of king size beds together so I can sleep comfortably if only for my average 5 hours a night.

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