May 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning with Kijiji

I've been slowly attempting spring cleaning  my home. I'm hoping to be done by the end of summer. I've been tackling a closet a weekend. My BIGGEST challenge is our laundry/storage room.  So many toys and baby items I could hardly walk in.  I took pictures of our stuff and put it on Kijiji. Within 12 hours I had everything sold. What a great concept....people come pick up your unwanted items and pay you. I made more money for the items than if I sold it to a consignment store and I didn't even have to leave my home. Kijiji is also a great place to buy certain items.  You can even buy brand new items at great prices. One thing that truly annoys me is when people list something as being brand NEW only to learn they've used it a few times. Once you use something it is NOT new. Or when people charge retail prices for their new stuff. If you're going to charge me the same as a store you better give me a receipt and  have a return/ exchange policy.
Some people are just insane......I've seen a listing selling children's clothing and among them....used children's underwear! I wonder if they sell their used toothbrushes too.  Speaking of odd people, beware when selling or buying on Kijiji. There's  a lot of scams out there. Read Kijiji's safety tips before using the site. All in all I think it works better for me than having a yard sale and with any luck closer in getting my home clean and organized.

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