June 14, 2010

Broken Sleep Button On My Alarm Clock?

As Jack approaches the 16 month mark, I thought I'd be sleeping more. Boy was I wrong! Don't get  me wrong he can sleep up to 11 hours at night if I put him down at 7pm, but no matter what time I put him down he's up at 5ish. My older two aren't out till 10pm most nights (bed time is 8pm) and after some chores and a little peace to myself I always end up in bed after midnight. I work part time evenings and most nights don't get home till 1am so those nights I get about 3 hours of sleep.  Jack wakes up hungry for attention and when most mornings I can't give it to him.... Elmo on TV does.  As a mom of 3 and a bread winner husband....my schedule revolves around 4 other people.... Jack being at the top of the list.  If you're a mom of a toddler then you know a cranky toddler is a nightmare! So that means everything has to be scheduled around his nap. Sometimes Jack can take a nap for 30min refuse to sleep again and be cranky all day and sometimes sleep all afternoon (usually when I have a million errands). I've been struggling to put him on a regular nap time but with my work, driving my husband to work, picking up Alex from school, the gym and the boys swimming lessons, we're never at home at the same time. Jack is not  that baby you can easily transfer from car seat to crib without waking either so when he falls asleep in the car I aimlessly drive till he wakes up ( sometimes being stopped too long at a red light wakes him up).  All this sleep trouble makes me appreciated Alex who as a baby, was easily adjusted to our sleeping patterns and Eric  who was and is a great sleeper ( started to sleep through the night at 1 month and who sleeps in till 9am on most mornings). I just wish Jack would sleep in longer. I've tried everything...although getting the dark brown curtains did get me an average of maybe 30min extra... nothing is working.  So my dear friends,  if you have a trick to getting your toddler to sleep in longer..... PLEASE SHARE!

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MommyB said...

I don't have any tips, but I just want to let you know I sympathize, luckily my youngest (3 months) is a great sleeper so far, but my 3 year old, yeah not so much....never has been, she wasn't sleeping through the night until 13 months and since she turned 3 no naps, even though she clearly needs one!!! Good luck getting a few more hours shut eye...when he knows his colors you may want to check out MyTotClock.com it worked for us with DD #1.


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