June 24, 2010

My Accident At The Movies

On Tuesday we took our two older boys to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  My husband went early to buy the tickets and $66 later (not including popcorn and snacks) we were of to the movies. It was raining so my husband dropped of the kids and me at the front while he went to park the car. While I was opening the front doors I slipped and grabbed on the door handle for dear life at which point the door went over my baby toe.  I fell to the floor as I moaned and blood poured out of my foot. People walked right by me including a guy standing a few feet away on a cell phone who witnesses the fall and just stared at me for minutes.  Seriously if I saw someone injured on the floor I would go and see if they were OK. When my husband walked in and found me on the floor and Alex yelling (he doesn't do blood well) he went to get help. The lady from the ticket booth came over and before she even asked if I was OK, told me it was my fault for wearing flip flops to the movies, gave me crap for wearing them and stated they should only be worn at the beach. Thanks for the fashion advice lady! I didn't know there was a dress code at the movies. She was nice enough though and grabbed the first aid kit, cleaned and bandaged up my wound.

 I wasn't in much pain so we decided to see the movie anyway, I just kept my foot elevated. The movie was great!  I will admit, I did get teary eyed (alright who am I kidding....I was sobbing at the end).  After the movie I realized the gauze was soaked in blood and it was still bleeding.  I went to a clinic and ended up getting 5 stitches!  Needless to say after the stitches I haven't been able to walk painlessly but it was great to spend the whole day on the couch yesterday.   

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Mindy said...

Oh, my goodness! We saw the same movie the other night, but both our kids were free and no one got hurt. That sounds terribly painful and you're a trooper for staying to watch the film.


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