July 9, 2010

Bullying Stops Here

Bullying: The repeated exposure of an individual to negative attention by one or more other individuals. Bullying is often physical, but victims can also experience verbal or social bullying

Bullying has become a very serious issue in not only schools but even in the workplace. I've recently started to worry about bullying since Alex will be going into grade 1 and will now be going out for recess with the rest of the school. Although in kindergarten  Alex was very popular and a great leader, I fear because he's very outspoken and tends to gravitate toward older children that he might get picked on.
Bullying can affect a child's self esteem and scar them for life. Talking to your child about bullying and how to get help can prevent a serious problem.

Statistics on Bullying

• Experts estimate 1 in 5 children in an average classroom experience some form of bullying

• An estimated 30% of teenagers in the United States are involved in bullying either as a victim or a bully

• At least 10% of children in the United States are bullied on a regular basis

• In the United States, in one day up to 160,000 children may skip school to avoid bullies

• The effects of bullying are seen in the bully as well as the victim. Of middle school boys who bullied, 60% received criminal convictions by age 24



Mindy said...

Oh, I worry about this too! It's always difficult for me to know when to intercede and when to let kids work it out. There was a boy at preschool telling my daughter he hated her last year and that he didn't want to play with her. Teacher was aware and they worked on it. The two saw it other at a restaurant recently and were desperate to play together...go figure.

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear for my children when it comes to school i was bullied as a child i never want them to feel that pain!


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