October 14, 2009

Top Ten Favourite Kid Movies

My boys love watching movies. Here is their top 10 movie picks and their favourite movie scenes.


age: 5

Alex, what are your favourite 5 movies?
Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Peter Pan, The Bee Movie and G-Force.

Favourite moments

Alex what is your favourite part in the movie ?

Toy Story : 
" I loved when they escaped from Syd's house".
Toy Story 2 :
 " I loved the part when Woody and Jessy got off the plane".
Peter Pan :
"I loved when Peter Pan and Hook were fighting".
The Bee Movie : 
 "I loved when they land the plane".
G-Force :
" I loved when the mole was in the garbage truck".
"I loved when they were fighting the T-Rex".
"I loved when Wall-E was chasing Eva".
"I loved when Lightning McQueen and Sally went for a drive".
Mikey Mouse Christmas:
"I loved when Goofy was making a turkey".
" I loved when they were saving the princess".

age: 3

Eric, what are your favourite 5

Dinosaurs, Wall-E, Cars, Mikey Mouse Christmas and Shrek".

Favourite moments

Eric what is your favourite part in the movie ?

"When the meteor came from space".
"When Eva came to Wall-E".
" When Frank was chasing McQueen and Mater".
Mikey Mouse Christmas:
"When Mikey was going in the car with Donald".
" When the donkey said "Wait up Shrek"."
 Toy Story:
"When they were all in the back of the truck".
Toy Story 2:

"When they were stuck in the  box and then they came out"
Peter Pan:
"When they march in the woods"
The Bee Movie:
"When the bee went for a fly"
"I don't like G-Force"

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