November 13, 2009

bitter-sweet milestones

On Wednesday I posted a video of my son Jacks 1st steps. As I watched him take his steps time stood still {at least that's what it felt like} if only for a few moments. I was such a proud mommy! So why do I feel a little sad at every milestone?

Alex is only five and I can't honestly say I would remember many  milestones when he was a baby clearly  if it wasn't for photos, videos or scrapbooks.  They reach their milestones so fast I quickly forget the previous ones. Every day something new is learned and I'm a proud mommy once again. I just wish those moments would last a little longer and make my boys stay little  longer.

Well I can't stop the clock, all I can do is enjoy my children now and hope one day I'll be sharing those captured moments with their children .... and the memories of dirty diaper, tantrums and teething  will be long and forgotten.


Sarah Chang said...

Hi! Thanks for finding me on Twitter. My daughter is only 8 months old, but everything she does to become more independent is bittersweet. Walking is next for me!

Yakini said...

Oh my goodness, I feel like I could have written this post - I so agree with you. My Chase is 10 months and developing sooo rapidly. He just went from slithering backward on the floor to crawling forward and pulling himself up all within a couple months span.... And while these milestones are very special and exciting, I can't help but feel a little sad that my baby really isn't a "baby" any long.... but becoming a toddler.

I love the baby/infant years so much. And while I eagerly welcome all the wonderful milestones in store, a part of me will always miss these special baby times, the cuddling, the chubbiness, the babbling, the sweet little clammy palms smacking me in my face to wake me up in the morning, lol.... Aaah, bittersweet is true!


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