December 22, 2009

My Christmas Oath Revised

I posted my Christmas oath over a month ago. Here's how I did.

Even though I LOVE Christmas, I'm in Christmas denial every year up until a week or two into December.
Every year Christmas gets more and more stressful for me and every year I promise myself next year will be different.
Here I go again!

My Christmas Oath .....

1. I will not wait till the week of Christmas to START filling out Christmas cards. Send out a week before Christmas, so hopefully everyone gets them before Christmas for a change.

2. I will not wait till it's so close to Christmas that I'm fighting a parent for the LAST toy at the store my kid wants. Even though I tried to avoid this. A certain game my son wanted was nearly impossible to find. After searching forever at so many stores I came across the LAST one. There were UNHAPPY parents in line behind me.

3. I will get the kids to write a letter to Santa early enough to get a response BEFORE Christmas. Done! Even though my five year old insisted on e-mailing Santa this year. We got a response back but the kids weren't as excited since Santa sent a personalized video for them earlier.

4. I will get the kids Christmas photo done BEFORE Christmas so I can use them for the Christmas card. Actually got it done on Dec. 1 st so I was very happy with myself for this accomplishment.

5. I will not wait till the week of Christmas to START decorating the house. Even thought we didn't do a BIG tree this year because of our 10 month old I still got a little one on the fire place, which was done end of November!

6. I will buy extra batteries BEFORE Christmas so I'm not taking out batteries out of remotes for toys. Still need to pick some up.

7. I will HIDE some sweets and treats from my boys so I actually have something when I have visitors. My husbands must have x-ray vision for sweet stuff. So this one is probably mission impossible.

8. I will not gain 10lb this holiday season. With all the chocolate I've been eating that number is probably going to be slightly higher.

9. I will write a thoughtful list of what to buy early so I don't end up getting EVERYONE gift card on Christmas eve. Gifts have been bought for most however some people just prefer gift cards....who am I to argue that.

10. I will not wrap ANY gifts on Christmas Eve. Definitely will need a few more years to wrap early but right now all signs are pointing at wrapping on Christmas Eve but hey an improvement from buying gifts on Christmas Eve.

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