December 17, 2009

Stolen Stroller Story

After selling my Cosco double side to side stroller and my Fisher-Price Sit and Stand travel system I down sized to a fabulous red compact easy to maneuver Quinny Zapp only a couple of weeks ago. It was a dream to push. It was light and folded so small I kept it on the floor under my sons car seat and had a EMPTY trunk for the first time since having children. Keeping it in full view on the car floor, I think, is what made me lose it. Some sorry excuse for a human has stolen my baby's stroller!

I'm pretty sure I always lock my van although half the time I've got my hands so full I probably don't. I'm not even sure if it happen at the parking lot at work or my own driveway. Either way I parked my van at the store parking lot today prepared to get the stroller out before I got the kids out and my stroller was MIA! 

The thing that upsets  me most is realizing everyday how many dishonest, bad people, who are just out there to hurt others there are. Even more believing it happens during the happy holiday season is more disturbing. I guess I will have to wait till some time after Christmas to purchase another stroller, in the mean time I hope karma bites this selfish bastard in the @ss!


Sidnie said...

I do not like our stroller (its big, and bulky), but I am attached to it. Strollers are personal, in my opinion.
I am so sorry that happened to you. Such a horrible act.

Praying that they have the heart to return it.
Keep looking for deals throughout the holiday season, you might get lucky and find an awesome price for a new one!


Erin said...

that really bites. especially this time of the year. i'm so sorry!

KarmaPearl said...

That bites! I'm so sorry that your stroller was stolen :( :( People are just ridiculous.

Chantal said...

oh man, that is horrible. I just don't get that!

MommyB said...

I sooooo have to respond to this, because I agree, I can't believe some people would steal like that, especially baby essentials. Hubby and I were doing a "social experiment" and had a stroller we got donated and was dirty and not in great shape, well we had it in our van to dispose of but were at the outlet mall and decided to try to leave it right outside the van. Sure enough by the time we were done shopping it was gone. Although we kind of wanted it gone, I was a little upset that someone would steal a stroller from next to a car. So sad.

Courtney said...

the person who stole it will hopefully have a crappy christmas and a terrible new year.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your stroller.

Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog.
Make sure you do not enter any of them on my blog at this time, they are all links to other contests.

I will be having my first review giveaway soon.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Merry Christmas

MoonNStarMommy said...

Ooooooooooooooh no!! I am so sorry it got stolen!!!

We have the double stroller version of that one, or one a lot like it.


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