February 19, 2010


Eric's "Mario" cake and mushroom cupcakes

My little "bobo" is 4!

Alex, Eric, (cousin) Anthony and Jack

Alex and Mommy made some decorations


Michelle said...

love the cake - very cute!!!!!

KarmaPearl said...

I kinda love that Mario seems to be making this huge comeback. My nephew had a Mario-themed birthday party this past November.

Happy Birthday to your little man!

Sarah said...

Adorable!! My little girl was nicknames bobo when she was little. :) Happy Birthday bog boy!!!

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

We call our little boy "Bobo" too. His older sister modified it to "Bobes" so as to pluralized it, I guess. Why does it fit when it has nothing to do with his name, his is Zurich? I guess that's just the way nicknames are.


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