February 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jack!

Last week we celebrated a major milestone in Jack's life.....he turned one!
My baby is a big boy!  Jack born a helpless 9lb 1oz baby who could only communicate by crying  and relied solely on us (his parents) for survival, a year later has a personality, walks, runs, climbs, points, calls for us, says first words, plays, dances, not to mention how independent he's become.  It's definitely been a wonderful year seeing my baby grow and have so many firsts. 

It hasn't entirely been an easy year. Jack's first six months were very hard. He was a day old when he developed such a horrible rash on his bottom along with diarrhea. He always screamed and appeared to always be in pain. I woke him almost ever two hours to wash his little tush and air dry it to keep the open wound rash from getting infected. After endless visits to the doctor, he was diagnosed with a milk intolerance at 5 weeks. Although his diarrhea and rash cleared up, he continued to mostly cry and never sleep. He screamed every time he was put down and was only happy being upright. I knew there was something else. It was very frustrating explaining it to the doctor who was convinced it was colic. After endless hours of research and more visits to the doctor....it was confirmed that Jack also had Infant Reflux that thankfully by the time he turned 6 months had improved. 

That's when the fun started. Jack started to crawl and stand up at 6 months and already started taking his first steps at 7 months, succeeding at 8 months, running at 9 months and climbing on the couch at 10 months.  

Jack's independence turned him into the happiest little monkey. I love watching him explore the world.  We love him so much. Alex and Eric are absolutely crazy about him and Jack loves us back....his gentle kisses on our heads, the huge smiles and
big hugs for us  let us know that every day.

"Jack, you are such a joy! To another fun filled year! Happy 1st Birthday! love, Mommy"


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!
Love the photos :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday :D

Double Duty Mommy said...

hi! Found you on TopBabyBlogs and I had to follow via google! Your baby boy is sooo adorable! Congrats on his 1st birthday! I'm loving his pic where he's covered in cake! lol. so cute


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