March 5, 2010

Tough questions

I've recently been buying chicken in bulk directly from the wholesaler. This way it's fresher, I save tons of money,  and I save kitchen prep  time by buying only fresh boneless and skinless breasts and fillets.  
Anyhow as I sat in the van with Eric and a sleeping Jack waiting for my husband George who went inside to buy the chicken  when Eric started to ask questions. "How do they kill the chickens mommy?". Wow was I ever speechless. I ended up telling him they give the chickens special medicine (stupid thing to say....considering he already hates taking any type of medicine.... now he's probably worried it will kill him). He accepted the answer and went back to playing his Nintendo DS. I however continued to think about his question and wondered what other questions was I going to get next.  It somehow didn't feel like lying, just like Santa or the Tooth Fairy but felt wrong nonetheless.

All I'm saying is that it's so hard trying to keep innocence and magic in my children's lives as I try and explain the dangers of the world and how they should never talk to strangers because bad people who can potentially hurt them exist.  


BabyWid said...

Oh how I am not looking forward to the "tough" questions. It is probably one of the trickiest things a parent as to deal with!! I wish you luck on all the future questions!

Katherine said...

I have answered very honestly about some hard questions... where do babies come from? Why are there dead ducks on our neighbor's boat? But I am happy to say the Tooth Fairy still visits our house, as does Santa. Some things you just have to hold close.

Rock Mom said...

Oh my...Im so happy my shrimp is only 11 months, sheeeew weee!
Good Luck..they're prob going to get a lot worse he he he ;)


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