March 18, 2010

The day that changed everything

Six years ago my world changed forever. I still can't describe the amazing feeling that took over me the second I met Alex.  He was so alert.  As he cried for the first time,  somehow I knew just what to do. As I hushed and gently rocked him while holding  him close to my heart....... he stopped..... he knew who I was..... he looked at me with love..... he stared at me with amazement..... my heart melted. Tears of joy ran down my face. That day I became a mommy.

Alex is six today.  Even though he is already a big boy we still call him our "pumpkin".
Alex has always been a pleasure to be around. He was a quiet and smart baby. He never cried and loved "Baby Einstein" dvds. He started talking very early and was spelling at 24 months.  Alex is very sensitive and cares deeply for loved ones. He's an amazing big brother. At school, he's the best reader in his SK class and we couldn't be more proud.  He hates vegetables and chocolate.  He loves playing video games and pizza.  I still can't believe six years have gone by so quick.

Alexander, I hope you have a super birthday!  I hope your party was fun. I hope you got what you wanted.  We love you to pieces! XOXO

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!!!!!


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