March 29, 2010

Lactose intolerance?

Jack was born with a milk intolerance. I was told by many including my doctor that it was something he would grow out of by the time he's one. I've kept him on Similac Sensitive (lactose-free formula) for the first year. I slowly switched him to regular Similac in the last couple of months since his first birthday. He is tolerating it just fine. I've given him small amounts of yogurts and cheeses and he seems fine with them too.

For the past week I've been adding small amounts of homo milk to his cereal without a problem so Saturday I gave him a 100ml of homo milk and it went right through him. What a mess! Everything in his crib went straight into the wash. My little monkey was happy because he got another bath that day.

Does this mean he is still lactose intolerant? Should I start him with 1% or 2% milk instead? Will he ever be able to have regular cow's milk? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


(I can't seem to upload any photos today. Any other bloggers having the same problem?)


sarah said...

I had a milk intolerance when I was a baby. My mother was told I'd grow out of it, but I am lactose intolerant.

I can handle almost all dairy (in moderate amounts), but not milk. If I drank a glass of milk, I would out be of commission for awhile.

I am not sure whether the level of milk fat (1%, 2%, etc) makes a difference to the level of lactose.

I can drink lactose-free milk. I have never seen it in homo, though, and I don't know if it is rec. for toddlers or not. Maybe that is an option to explore with your doctor.

Fernanda said...

Hi Joanna,
Sometimes babies are not lactose intolerant but are intolerant or allergic to the protein present in cow's milk.
If he's intolerant to lactose, try a lactose-free milk. Switching to 1% or 2% milk won't make a difference because the lactose and proteins are still there. Maybe you can try goat's milk which is better accepted. Or keep giving him the special formula (since he was tolerating well).
Some children shows differently how the can't take this: poor sleeping, fussy eaters, crankiness can be also a sign (not this is your case, just giving an example).
Do you read Portuguese or Spanish? If so, I can forward some good articles on this for you.
For now, you can check this article:

I hope this helps!

Melanie said...

My youngest son and I are lactose intolerant. I found out my son is lactose intolerant as an infant and after I couldn't breastfeed we had a horrible time finding a formula that he tolerated. I have to use almond milk for everything that requires milk as far as cooking and he only drinks almond milk. I wish your little one the best.

Brian @ Hemocode said...

Many children do suffer from lactose intolerance which tends to taper off around the time they reach the age of one, but it's important that when you're introducing cow's milk into their diet, you introduce it slowly and keep an eye out for any irregular symptoms.

If he's not reacting to the Similac I'd continue using it and go back to introducing small amounts of homo milk. If he's fine after a week of 20/80 milk/formula, go to 40/60 milk/formula for a week, and so on. Keep an eye out for anything unusual and if he starts having a bad reaction, dial it back.

If he continues to have reactions after making the switch slowly, he may have a more permanent intolerance (less common, but it happens). If that turns out to be the case, refer to your doctor for further advice/guidance.

Lissa said...

My friend Sue at has been through something similar. She just made a blog post about this. She has been using soy alternative for her daughter. ( her daughter had problems as a baby was okay and now now having tummy issues) Maybe she might have some great suggestions for you. ( As I have no idea)

Also I couldn't load any photos today on blogger. So I made a slideshow instead! Have a great day:)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Hi Joanna,
Thanks for letting yourself be KNOWN on my blog. :) I can't tell you how many blogs I've "stumbled upon." So funny.

Listen, since you asked for advice...on something I actually know a little bit about, I thought I'd give you some information to read over.

Go to this site. She's amazing, and the book she is talking about changed my life.

After doing quite a bit of research, my family now drinks raw milk, and I couldn't be happier. Here's a little tidbit about why you might like to look into it:

"Today's store-bought milk is stripped of natural nutrients, full of chemicals, and difficult to digest. What does this have to do with lactose intolerance? It's precisely that stripping of nutrients which causes almost all lactose intolerance (as opposed to a true lactose allergy, which is a subject for another paper) since this intolerance is caused by a lack of the enzyme lactase in large enough quantities within the human digestive system to break down lactose, a fairly complex disaccharide found in milk. Raw milk contains harmless bacteria which produce lactase which, in turn, enables the human body to break down and absorb lactose. Pasteurized milk has had all of these bacteria killed off and is therefore lactase-free, but still contains lactose, causing problems for many people who try to drink it." (taken from a paper found here:

Although the above is not written very well, maybe it will give you a jumpstart in your search for an answer. I truly hope this helps. I'm sure it's hard not knowing what to feed your baby that won't make him sick. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

It's good to get to know you!

Joanna Botelho said...

Thank you SO much to everyone for their great advice and information. I will look into all your suggestions and try what works best for my little monkey.
Thanks Again,


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