September 30, 2009

Keep Your Sick Kids At Home

    This morning the kids winter jackets and hats came out. That dreaded time of year is here....the cold and flu season. I have already made an appointment for my family to get flu shots next month. I have also stocked up on cold and flu medication, but I do think prevention is the key.

     I start by building up my boys immune systems. The kids get multi-vitamins every morning. O.J. is the juice of choice and I cook with a lot of garlic. Soups are great because thanks to my Magic Bullet, I can hide tons of veggies in them. Everyday I can't stress enough to my boys about washing their hands to kill the germs. I try really hard to keep them healthy but even with all I do some selfish, arrogant, careless parent WILL send their sick child to school! I know it can be tough taking a day off work to stay home with your child but if you send them to school about 20 or more other parents would have to potentially stay home as well.  Once Alex brings home a cold from school it will be passed on to his brothers and my husband and I. I worry about Jack the most. Being only 7 months old, a simple cold can be more dangerous.

   If my child is sick, I will keep him home in bed to rest  and I beg other parents to please do the same especially this season with the scary risk of H1N1 flu.  Please teach your children to cover their coughs and wash their hands. If everyone does their part our children have a better chance of staying healthy during the cold winter months.

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