September 23, 2009

How To Get Kids To Do Their Chores

Oh how I love laundry....not in a million years! Once upon a time when it was just my laundry, it wasn't half bad. As came the man and three sons to follow it became less and less appealing. Single socks are my enemy! My kids have got to help out.

That's when the "Match the Sock" game got invented. Somewhere along the line I realized that chores can be done if the kids are having fun. Alex and Eric love the game. I dump the whole basket of single socks on the floor and the object is whoever makes the most pairs wins.  The kids have a ball and I get my chore done. Brilliant! I'm a believer in rewards and they work like a charm. The rewards are usually simple like stickers, a snack (that they were to have any way) or the first pick of a DVD or game.

Unless I win the lottery... the laundry and chores will have to get done so I might as well teach them early to help me out. I'm sure my future daughter-in-laws would appreciate it.

There is a few other tricks I've learned:

Turn on the TV

Sounds crazy I know, but this works every time for my kids. We choose a TV show we all love and have family TV time. The challenge is to see who can win by getting the most  chores done during the commercial breaks.  So much better than commercials brain washing your kids anyway.

Turn up the volume

The "I don't belong" game is great before dinner or expected company. I set a timer for 3 minutes, blast some tunes and we pick up as many things that don't belong and put them in their place. Singing and dancing through a chore actually makes it fun.

Never use as a punishment

If you use chores as a punishment that is what they will always be viewed as.

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Rock Mom said...

Great tips! I will be sure to use them when my son is older :D


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