October 5, 2009

Boycotting Philips AVENT

Six years ago when I was expecting my first child, I chose Philips AVENT for all my feeding needs. I got the breast pump, bottles, pacifiers, breast pads, sippy cups, bottle liners, breast shells and other feeding products. I was very happy with the brand.  I liked how most of the items were interchangeable and how easy it was to clean . I used the products for my first two boys.   AVENT was one of the most expensive brands at the time and I was sure it was because they were the best.  I learned the awful truth on the news about BPA product recalls and Philips AVENT was on the list. My two year old Eric was still using bottles and I immediately tossed them and replaced them with glass ones.

Bis-phenol A (BPA) is a chemical contained in polycarbonate plastic and some synthetic resins and pesticides.

BPA is a synthetic oestrogen, meaning it acts similarly to that hormone and can disrupt how the human body's hormonal systems work. It has been linked to reproductive cancers, diabetes and other hormone-related diseases. Some scientists believe BPA may also be linked to trends including:

- increased abnormal penis development in males
- earlier sexual development in females
- increases in developmental diseases such as ADHD and   autism
- increased child obesity
- decreased sperm count
- increased rates of breast and prostate cancer.

I was so upset when I heard about AVENT using plastics that were so unsafe for my children. Heating or cooling polycarbonate plastic to extreme temperatures speeds up its deterioration, so that more BPA ends up in the contents of the bottle or container. I sterilized all products for the first six months for the boys. I thought I was doing the best for my children to prevent germs and bacteria and boy was I wrong. 
AVENT did nothing when I had finally reached a human voice. No apology, no refund, not even a coupon was offered. I learned a few major stores (i.e. London Drugs, Toys R Us, Zellers) did recall BPA products and offered BPA free products in exchange, however the response was large and stopped the exchange within days. I didn't make it.  Trusting and supporting a company who cares so little about the babies who they put at risk was very disappointing to me. I vowed to NEVER USE PHILIPS AVENT products again!

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Priscila said...

oh my gosh they are the only brand I used too. I think that our parents and there parents had the best idea (glass) like you said you were using! WOW...such scary news


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